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Cosmetic Wheel Repair


Our partners are experienced in all types of alloy aluminum wheels. Whether painted, polished, machined, or color changes we have the capabilities to provide only top-of-the-line services for our customers.

Powder Coated Wheels


We use the best process and products on the market to powder your wheels from environmentally green chemically stripping off old powders or paints to the smallest details of  matching TPMS sleeves to and center caps. We cut NO corners. We want you to feel confident in the vehicle you drive off with.                    

Our Quality Promise


We're committed to providing a stress-free experience to both new and returning customers. Our partners guarantee that your wheels will look fresh off the lot.

Powder Coating Process

"What our customers say"

- Steve E

I just had a wheel repaired at my office in under 30 minutes... Does it get more convenient?

It looks like Amazon prime is trickling down into other markets. I called for an appointment yesterday and less than 24 hours later my black HRE wheels are all perfect again. I had gotten a bit of curb rash and the scuff was driving me mad. Todd came out and had my wheel looking perfect in minutes. I'm very very detail oriented and if he didn't point out where the repair was I never would have known.  

- Collin S

 Wheel recon is the only wheel repair business I use in Austin Texas. I run an automotive business that prides itself in high quality work and use other business' that do the same.
Todd runs one of these business's and returns wheels literally to "as good as new" in my experience.

And, to some, expertise is worth the wait. 

- Joseph M

 not paying attention i ran into the curb and scratched the wheels of my car, bmw 5 series. im VERY particular about my car looking good so i had the wheel recon guys repair the wheel. the next day they came to my home and repaired the wheel in less than an hour. once complete i was unable to find where the damages were, which is great! no color difference and smooth workmanship. great work guys! 

- HL

 I utilized Wheel Recon to have some wheels refinished on my boss' Porsche Cayenne.  We ran into an issue getting the wheels off the vehicle.  They worked quickly and efficiently with Roger Beasley Porsche to get the job completed.  We were charged a little bit more for the repairs ($25 more per wheel); but, it was worth the money to get the attention and service from Todd.  I will definitely refer him and Wheel Recon to anyone in need! 

- Felica B

 I have a set of wheels on my S65 Mercedes that we thought would look much better if they were black to match the car. Todd came to my house, took the wheels and the color code and within a few days had my wheels back and on my car. It looks so good it's like a new car with the awesome new matching black wheels.

I have another car that is white, it came with a set of wheels, that are white but with many blemishes. We opted to do the spokes black and keep the chrome.accents. Again Todd picked them up and had them done in a weeks time, even working around the holiday.

I highly recommend Todd at Wheel Recon. 

- Brooks G

 Got some curb rash on my wife's brand new IS350C, she's only had it a month and I bumped a curb going around a corner.  Todd refinished it in an hour and I the only way I was able to tell where the curb rash was is a scuff on the tire, the wheel looks exactly like it did brand new. 

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